Executive Protection Services

Executives, celebrities, dignitaries, and other important people in the US have to be more aware and cognizant of potential threats. Tangent Group International offers world-class executive protection services to maintain the security of our clients. In this day and age the need for executive protection services cannot be overstated.  

Our executive protection services in the United States and abroad will include the most obvious form of protection: personal protection officers who will accompany you and keep you far safer than untrained security guards. They will do more than simply act as your bodyguards, though. The executive protection agents will also manage crowds to protect you and keep you from being mobbed. We will provide protective escort services to make certain that the VIPs under our protection are safe throughout their travels. Depending on the business or client, our protection officers will also work to mitigate potential workplace violence and stop problems before they get to a dangerous point. 

Our executive protection program is second to none. When you work with Tangent Group International, you can breathe easily; you will be in the experienced hands of our professional protection officers who will do everything in their power to keep you safe. If you’re interested in learning more about our executive protection services, feel free to call us at (817)875-8800.