Tangent Leadership

Roxanne Brown, CEO


  Roxanne Brown is a brand and marketing strategist who has partnered with Tangent Group International to grow their reputation and professional brand, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in the oil and gas industry for multi-billion dollar companies and startups, she knows what truly drives business. 

Roxanne has dealt with major corporations such as Anadarko, Devon Energy, Chesapeake, Marathon, Penn-Virginia, Pioneer Natural Resources, QuickSilver Resources, and foreign companies such as Tokyo Gas and Sinochem.  Additionally, her research and field work were an integral part in the discovery of the Eagleford Shale formation in the Western Gulf Basin.

Roxanne holds a BS in molecular and cellular biology from Texas A&M University.

David Brown, President


David Brown has several decades of experience in sales and business development, while working in the RainSoft organization and has built his experience in management and corporate relationship in the oil and gas industry.  David began his training in self defense and firearms under former Navy Seal, Jason Pike, and expanded his training to become a multi-discipline firearms instructor.  David is TCOLE (Law Enforcement) certified in Dignitary Protection, Combat Pistol, Patrol Carbine, and SWAT.  David worked his way up to regional detail leader at Pinkerton staffing and managing small and large protection details for many of the Fortune 1000 companies.  Since founding Tangent Group International, David has developed client relationships from coast to coast and specializes in the executive protection and executive security sectors.

Nick Kalanges, Counsel


  Nick Kalanges began his career in the US Army and honorably discharged through the US AirForce. He was instrumental in the implementation of early Infrared technology which ultimately led to GPS and laser guided flight and weapons systems. After earning his dual baccalaureate degrees in management and accounting, his MBA in controlling negative factors in high growth companies, and his Doctorate in Juris Prudence from University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, Mr. Kalanges spent 20 years in horizontally and vertically multi-industry diversified companies fine tuning his skills in finance, law, and creative alternative solutions.

Mr. Kalanges has been a member of the TGI Protection Board of Directors since 2015 working with management on growth and goal setting as well as handling the duties of Secretary/Treasurer and the head of Corporate Legal Affairs. 

Kyle Weaver, Qualified Manager Texas


Kyle Weaver has over 30 years of experience in security and event management.  He has obtained extensive knowledge operating worldwide working for many of the Fortune 500 companies in executive protection.  He has trained in Israel, Austria, Germany, and the UK and has accompanied clients to 67 countries and counting.  Kyle is an invaluable asset to Tangent when it comes to advance planning and liaising with clients and VIP's.

Scott Davis, Area Manager Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX


Scott Davis began his career in dignitary protection in New York.  He has been cross-trained in dignitary protection, surveillance detection, transportation management, defensive tactics and he is a certified evasive driving instructor.  Scott has worked for high-net-worth individuals on both domestic and foreign details.  Scott is a graduate of EPI, and VDI and has a degree in business and finance and he brings this education and experience to the table for Tangent Group.

Ricardo Jaso, Area Manager Austin/San Antonio, TX


Ricardo Jaso began his career in the US Marines in 1997 as an infantryman.  Following his military service, Ricardo spent 10 years at Blackwater on deployments in Afghanistan and Isreal.  Then he spent two years at the Department of State training regional security officers for high-threat protection details.  Mr. Jaso wrote the curriculum for the DOS bodyguard program and is an integral part of planning and execution at Tangent Group.

Cary Williams, Area Manager Houston, TX


Cary Williams spent 18 years providing personal protection to private families, executives, pastors, high risk news crew and anchors, and corporate events. He has also provided protection for high risk locations and high profile sports figures.  

Cary specializes in advance planning, assessments, and oversight.

Cary brings 30+ years of experience in business development, regional management, and risk management from various roles at Citifinancial, GMAC and other major organizations.

Coming Soon, Area Manager Miami, FL


David Brown is handling operations management for this area until management can be developed and trained.

Coming Soon, Area Manager Atlanta, GA


 David Brown is handling operations management for this area until management can be developed and trained.