Executive Protection in Dallas, TX

Executive Protection

Executive protection being provided in Dallas, TX

For  Executives, Celebrities, Dignitaries, Media Personalities, etc.  If you need physical protection from a threat, crowd management, or just an extra sense of safety while out on the town, Tangent Group can help.   

Hostile Terminations and Layoffs

Need to terminate a threatening or possibly violent employee?  Having a reduction in force event?  Don't wait until things go bad.  Let Tangent Group help prevent possible losses and liability. 

Terroristic and Physical Threats

Has an employee threatened violence towards another employee or  management?  Has an individual threatened you or your family?  The risk of injury and loss aren't something to gamble on.  Let Tangent handle it.  

HIgh Value Courier/Escort

Need a courier team to pick up or deliver high value items?  Or how about an  escort while you transport your valuables?  Let our experienced transporters insure that your valuables arrives safely. 

Consulting and Assessments

We understand that most people aren't experts in the field of protection and investigation.  You're not supposed to be.  Give us a call and we can evaluate your current security plan or even implement a new plan from scratch.  Be sure to have a plan of action to keep you and your employees or loved ones safe. 

Security and Protection Training

Tangent Academy  is licensed by the State of Texas to certify LVL2 unarmed officers,  LVL3 armed officers, and LVL4 Personal Protection Officers officers.  We also teach defensive tactics, specialized Executive Protection classes, combat pistol/carbine, and more. 

Other Services

Tangent Group International also offers event security, facility security, canine drug and explosive sweeps, intelligence services, undercover ops/surveillance, risk assessments, mediation, corporate vetting, background checks, forensic accounting, etc...